Tuesday, June 9, 2009

RIP Mr. Dave Coleman . . . Cherish Your Loved Ones

The death of one of my father's closest friends sent a severe shock wave through my soul. Mr. Dave Coleman pledged with my father(Omega Psi Phi) at Knoxville College in Tennessee and he died this week after a battle with cancer. As I shed a few tears for a man that I grew up knowing and really appreciating, it just let me know that we should cherish our loved ones every single day. As I watch my parents get older, I realize that they too someday will pass on to be with God. I realize that tomorrow isn't promise and we should live each day to the fullest, but I know that there are times when we take our precious life for granted. Its hard to fathom I know, to bury your parents--I mean you remember all of the good times in your childhood and you never expect your parents to grow old and gray. This is probably one of the hardest blogs to write, as I fight back tears, so I challenge each of you that read this, to please cherish your loved ones while they are living. Never take this precious time that God has given us for granted. Stay blessed!

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  1. that's very touching Carlin. I totally appreciate your blog. My condolences to you... Take care.