Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Leesburg set ablaze . . . Nferno strikes again!

First off, always trust your GPS. Okay, so I got lost going on Route 15 in Leesburg. I saw a sign that said detour Route 15 South, and I got confused, even though my GPS said stay straight. So I ignored the lady's voice and went 15 South. After about 20 minutes, I realized I was in Prince William County. Wait a minute? Leesburg is in Loudoun County. Then it hit me, the GPS said go 15 North, so why am I going south? Fortunately, I always allow myself enough time to leave so I got there with enough time to set up.

First off, it was hot, and playing ceremony music dressed in all black isn't fun. However, the good news was that I was nestled in the shade. The bad news was, I was underneath a swarming hornets nest. Yikes!

The party started off slow. I started off with "Celebration" and then mixed in "Hot Stuff." Only about three people danced. Then I threw on the "Electric Slide," and here is a shocker, only dudes did it. No ladies. That was a first! So, I was getting frustrated. After all, I was on a hot streak. Four banging parties in a row and I wasn't about to cool off tonight. So I threw on Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" and it was all she wrote. The dance floor stay packed the whole night. However, there were obstacles. The room was hot and the guest spent the majority of their time trying to stay cool. So, I had to throw in a few slow songs to allow them to catch their breath.

Best mixes of the night- "Low," "Boom Boom Pow" and "Baby Got Back." Followed by, "Staying Alive," "Billie Jean," and "Sexyback." Are you kidding me?

Overall, a great night and I got a good tip. The bride even put out a tip jar for me, but either nobody saw it or they were too cheap to donate to the Nferno Foundation. Hey, what can I say. Stay blessed. I gotta a little break this weekend. I'm shooting a wedding down Lusby, MD. Stay blessed!

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