Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fox Chase Manor . . . 6/26/09

Another satisfied customer courtesy of the Madd Scientist. First off, with the death of Michael Jackson, I just had to honor him that night. How did I do that? Simple, the first song I played for dinner was "Remember The Time," and the last song of the evening was "Beat It." It gets no better than that. During "Beat It," everybody took turns sliding across the floor. Even the bride in that pretty wedding dress of hers took off running and did the coolest slide across the dance floor on her knees.

Overall, the party was jumping. Things started off slowly, but what separates a good DJ from a bad DJ is the ability to adapt to the crowd, feel what they want to hear, and get them going. I guess that is what makes me successful. I don't panic when I play a few good party tunes and the dance floor is empty. Rather, I dig deep in the mental Rolodex and pull out something that will get them going. Once I got them on the dance floor, the party was on fire after that and they never left. Sometimes I get carried away, and I have to give the crowd a breather, hence I throw in a few slow songs from time to time. However, if it was up to me, we would burn the dance floor up. Stay blessed!

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