Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5/15/2009 Wedding Kent Manor Inn

I belive being a wedding DJ is tough! As a club DJ, you pretty much know what type of music to play all night long. There is very little crowd reading that goes on. As a wedding DJ, you have various age groups, races, backgrounds, etc, so you may one person that likes Country, while somebody else prefers Disco or 80s. The wedding I did last Friday night was a serious crowd reading lesson. During our conversation, the bride told me to play pretty much whatever, so I did. I played all of the hit party favorites that would surely get the crowd going. It didn't. Okay, so I decided to do a line dance, ChaCha Slide and nobody got up. Me being an interactive DJ, I raced to the dance floor to try to encourage people to do the ChaCha slide, finally the bridal party came out and danced with me--and I think it was done because they felt sorry for me. All is well. So I had a group of people on the dance floor and I hit them with the Wedding Crashers favorite, "Shout!" I have never seen Shout with only a few people doing it. The groom's mother (from South Africa) wanted some oldies song played, Buddy Holly, etc. So I threw on a popular Buddy Holly song, followed by the Beattles and some other 50s jingles and only two people danced--the groom's mother and uncle. However, I was able to get the crowd going a bit when I played, "The Way I Are," "Sexyback," and "Promiscious." That seemed to get them going. Also, "Blame It" got the dance floor packed as well. Overall, it was a so so night. The parents of the bride and groom were pleased, so I guess it was a good evening. By the way, big props to the Kent Manor Inn staff. They looked out for me with food and drinks. Very nice, very friendly.

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