Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Line Dances . . . Cheesy or Party Starter?

I was a bit miffed and perplexed when I read an article on songs that you shouldn't play during a wedding reception. One of the topics that was really talked about in this article were Line Dances. I was like is this person on some sort of recreational drug or something? Not having Line Dances at a wedding? Are you serious? The author claimed that they are cheesy. Cheesy? Well, please pass me the Kraft and macaroni, cause I want all of the cheesiness! I have done over 500 weddings in my day, and I will be the first to say that a Line Dance sometimes is a party starter. At some receptions, you need a Line Dance or two to motivate the guests. Sometimes the alcohol hasn't kicked in yet, and sometimes folks are shy, so a DJ knows to play two types of music . . . Line Dances or a slow song. What's a wedding without the ChaCha Slide or the more current Cupid Shuffle? I don't care the color of your skin, people love to do the ChaCha Slide, especially the part . . . "How Low Can You Go?" The woman just go crazy . . . yes even Grandma will pull her skirt up and "drop it likes it hot!"

I'm not a fan of the Electric Slide too much, but it's old school and that tends to get the 40 and over crowd up and going. Plus, it's easy to do, so those that are "rhythm challenged" or have two left feet, then this is the perfect song to get them moving.

Speaking of the Electric Slide, I have a wedding this Saturday night in Potomac, MD and the bride has asked that I get the crowd to do the Electric Slide to an Ella Fitzgerald "scat." We will see how it turns out. Stay tuned!!

Also, did you know that you can do the Electric Slide to Usher's "Yeah" and Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September?" Next time you have a party, try it out.

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