Friday, May 8, 2009

Totally Off the Topic . . . But I Got to Give Him Props!

I wanna say Congrats to my 7 year old son, Jaylin "Pancake" Hertz for winning the TaeKwonDo 2009 AAU Maryland State Championship. This was Jaylin's second state championship and last year he finished second. He also finished 2nd in the nation for the 6-7 year old division at the 2008 Nationals in Madison, Wisconsin. In 2009, Jaylin is looking to do big things as he battled in Waldorf, MD on April 18th. In Jaylin's first match, he won by mercy rule 9-2 (7pt lead and the match is over). Pancake used a combination of devasting side kicks and head shots to seal the victory early in the 2nd round. In the championship match, it was a battle. Pancake took an early 2-0 lead and then his opponent quickly came back to tie it 2-2 on a swift head kick (head kicks count 2 pts). The battle was intense as both kids battled for two rounds, but it was the last 12 seconds that showed why Pancake has taken his sparring skills to the next level. Trailing 7-5 with 12 seconds, Jaylin quickly scored two points--the last one coming with 1 second left to force Sudden Death. In Sudden Death (first point wins) Jaylin used a swift back hand fist to the temple to seal the victory! Congrats Big Jay! Next stop, Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the 2009 Nationals. Guess who was in his corner serving as his coach? That's right. Your's truly, DJ Nferno. That day, DJ Nferno coached 5 kids to 1st Place and one kid to 2nd place.

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