Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Big Fat Greek/Caribbean Wedding . . . 5/16/09

Okay, this reception was OFF THE HOOK! From the 1st song of "Celebration" to the last song "Headz High" this reception was JAMMING! First off, the Bride and Groom were so nice to me and the Wedding Coordinator, family and friends, made me feel like part of the family. This was a small reception (no more than 40 people) but it was fun with a capital F. Some nights, you just can't miss with playing songs and that was one of those nights for me. Whatever I played, they danced to. The only goof up I had is when I was in this wicked 70s mix: "Brickhouse," "Play That Funky Music," "To Be Real," I got a little carried away and started dancing and my elbow hit the cross fader and slid it over to an empty channel and the music stopped. We all laughed it off, and I dropped in the Cupid Shuffle so all was forgiven. By far, the best night of 2009.

This week is Memorial Day weekend and I will be in Beltsville-The Villa and downtown Baltimore. Should be interested! Stay blessed.

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